About People On Bikes


People On Bikes Founding Principles

People On Bikes was founded in 2008 with the intent of creating a travel and tour company with the explicit purpose of encouraging more people to use bikes.  As the company has matured (because the founders haven’t!) and evolved, we have added additional services and products, but our founding philosophy remains – get more people on bikes.

We believe in enjoying life through fitness, maintaining our environment, and experiencing our world in an eco friendly and non-invasive manner.  It is also important to give back to the community and People On Bikes will do this through charity events and fundraisers (like our 7 Days In May event), as well as donating cycling products and services to those less fortunate.

Our Philosophy

It’s about the journey, not the destination.  Getting to know the people in your group and in great places along the way.  We would rather put you in a comfortable, local bed and breakfast than a 5 star hotel in the middle of a big city.  Try the local cuisine and taste the local wines.  Venture to a show, or take a unique tour of a local castle or monument.  Wander the streets and feel how the people work and live.  Eat together, share company, and raise a toast to each other.  Keep in touch after the trip and plan another journey with the people you can now call friends.  Live in the moment and enjoy life.  It’s about the people.  And, it’s about people who enjoy the adventure while riding a bike.

On all our trips and our local events, we focus on making the ride the key part of your day.  All routes have been chosen to maximize the biking experience and enjoy the sites and scenery along the way.

Welcome aboard.  We look forward to enjoying the ride with you.

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